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To provide East Texas companies a reliable option for outsourcing your regularly scheduled Dallas runs. Tyler Dallas Daily provides a premiere courier service that transports everything from legal documents to marketing materials which frees up your labor resources for more important business.


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Who do we serve?

The unique vehicle size of our small cargo van allows us to service a broad spectrum of business types.

Law Firms


Medical Facilities

Real Estate Offices

Architectural Firms


Law firms, medical facilities, architectural firms, wineries, real estate offices, banks and bicycle shops are just some of the small businesses that can now access the Dallas market today and free up labor resources for more important projects. Even retired individuals with personal business interests in Dallas can save themselves a commute by partnering with Tyler Dallas Daily to carry documents and materials. Businesses formerly served only by overnight services like FedEx now have a reliable same-day logistics alternative.

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What’s The Problem?

Some East Texas companies are spending unnecessary time and money driving to and from Dallas. Managers lose their employee for the day wasting office productivity, and either have to reimburse mileage or pay additional fuel, insurance and vehicle maintenance fees. These costs can amount to thousands of dollars per month.

And the alternatives aren’t great. Typical courier services are costly, and offer only a package hand-off service. On the other hand, LTO (less than a truckload) are freight services that use full sized trucks and require special loading areas - proving too large for many business needs.

Tyler Dallas Daily fills the gap.

It’s built on a unique small-volume model allowing for individualized personal executive-level service. Whether it’s providing round-trip document execution for wet signature return, or making a check exchange to pick up supplies, partnering with Tyler Dallas Daily is a reliable alternative for time-strapped East Texas companies to transport items to and from Dallas. Consider us one of your team!


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Why Choose Us


We are a Tyler owned and operated business.

Low Profile.

Tyler Dallas Daily understands the importance of discretion. We have experience with legal documents, and have worked with law firms, movie studios, agencies, universities, hospitals, live show venues and VIP celebrities. We have carried documents into courthouses, penthouses and multi-million dollar home offices.


We aim to be an extension of our customers, intentionally maintaining a low volume so we can offer that personal touch with every delivery. Our service is superior to the traditional courier. Your order won’t get lost in the shuffle.


Tyler Dallas Daily stands alone in our offering: no other small courier company in the greater Tyler area currently specializes in a regularly scheduled daily round-trip run from Tyler to Dallas.


Tyler Dallas Daily saves labor resources: we free your employee to focus on what’s important. Using our service allows re-allocation of labor and company vehicles, avoiding liability from road-related incidents.


Our operational systems are built by the company On Time 360, the world leader in delivery management software for couriers. On Time 360 software enables TDD to provide high quality delivery services at a lower cost. These systems include a customer web portal, dispatching tools, and a driver application providing route optimization and package tracking.


Tyler Dallas Daily serves a niche missed by other companies: the same-day delivery of timely documents and medical supplies, and supply chain support for small businesses.


- One of a kind -
Its What Makes Us Unique!


We’re the executive courier service with the personal touch. East Texas has a rich heritage of business success built from a strong work ethic. Tyler Dallas Daily appreciates the hard-earned success of local business and serves the Tyler community with daily trips to Dallas.

There is no direct competition. Tyler Dallas Daily fills this market niche not addressed by other services. While the standard overnight carriers (FedEx, UPS and USPS) deliver to and from Dallas, they lack a personal touch and don’t offer same-day service. For example: Tyler Dallas Daily waits for the stack of documents to be signed and returns to Tyler same day. We hand- deliver a check to that Dallas printer and return with boxes of marketing materials same day. When product distribution means a trip to DFW with special handling, Tyler Dallas Daily ushers your product right to the counter and returns with the receipt.

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Monday: 7:30am - 7:00pm
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